A Right to Play

This year has been very exhausting, stressful, and tension filled thus far. I’m definitely ready for a healthy, happy, and fun uphill swing. Although there are things, such as sickness, that are somewhat out of my control, there are other things I can take a hold of to make things turn around.

First of all, I take life so seriously and I’m constantly worried about being perfect. I need to release some of that tension and stress. If my house isn’t clean every minute of the day…who cares! It’s more important to take some time to play with my son. I truly need to worry less and play more. He deserves more of my attention and he deserves more of a hands-on, fun mom. I’m ready to dance more, laugh more, and have some fun.

Second, I need to think more positively. I’m always expecting the worst out of every situation. The negative thinking is taking a toll on my emotions. Time to change my thinking to a glass half full mentality. I’m a true believer that we create outcomes based on how we think and act. If I think more positive thoughts, I believe more good things will come my way.

Third, I need to be happy with who I am. The expectations I set for myself are way too high. I need to stop trying to please everyone. I need to live my life how I want to live it. I need to be the person I am instead of wishing I had other qualities. Those who TRULY love me will always be by my side. I really want to start smiling more and attracting good energy. I love my life and those in it, but I need to embrace it more.

These changes certainly won’t be instant, but I am working hard towards all of them. I want to be a happier person. I need to be a happier person. I will benefit from more happiness and those around me will benefit. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and fun 2017!

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~George Bernard Shaw


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