Back From Hiatus

I’ve been MIA on the writing scene since Charley was born. I miss getting my thoughts down but the busyness and exhaustion have taken over. I haven’t had the energy, the motivation, or the words. Having two children (boys nevertheless) is no joke! The three-year-old wants my attention and the one-year-old hasn’t been the easiest baby. I may be exhausted, but it’s a grateful exhaustion that I wouldn’t change for the world.

In the blink of an eye our 3-year-old seems so grown up. When did he get so old? He knows his letters, he can read and spell sight words, he can go across the monkey bars by himself. He likes to be right and argues when we challenge him. His stubbornness makes us cringe with anger, but I know it will make him very successful in his future. He sings along to every song even if he doesn’t know the words (his favorite is Alexander Hamilton from the musical Hamilton!!!). He has a kind heart who wants to be friends with everyone and I hope that will always remain one of his best qualities. Although he can be a challenge (threenager if you must), I have the utmost confidence in the man he will become and am so proud of him for what he has accomplished this year.

Our 1-year-old is running, climbing, and doing EVERYTHING his older brother does (even if he shouldn’t). He gets extremely mad if he doesn’t get what he wants, but is also the sweetest, most hilarious boy I know. He hates being in the car seat and stroller unless I’m constantly feeding him snacks. He absolutely adores playing with his big brother, but also gets extremely annoyed with him at times. He’s a tiny guy, but it doesn’t hold him back from being a daredevil. His stubbornness might exceed his brother, which has me a little terrified! I predict he will be our star soccer player and will never let anyone or anything stop him back from achieving his goals.

I have been seeing a lot of high school graduation pictures lately, which is reminding me to really savor these times. I know it goes fast and I don’t want to miss a second. Watching them grow is the most bittersweet gift that I could ever imagine. I get to love them forever. What an honor it is to be their mom.

I hope to continue writing as I’m getting the motivation again and have some ideas in my brain. And…only 7 days until summer break!!


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