To Run or Not to Run?!

What crazy person goes for a run after 3 ½ hours of sleep and a long day at work?  This girl!!  Oh, the life of a new mom training for a half marathon!!

As an athlete growing up, exercise has always been a part of my life.  About 5 years ago I realized that my workouts weren’t doing much for my body.  I wanted and needed a change, so I decided to try running.  I always hated the running and conditioning that came with sports, so this was definitely getting out of my comfort zone.  The results were almost immediate and motivated me to keep going.  I really got into it and talked my husband into doing a half marathon with me!  I went from hating running to doing my first half marathon, then a second, and now a third this year!  As soon as I got pregnant with Jackson I promised myself that I would sign up for a half marathon in 2016 and that would be my way of getting back in shape.  I’ve kept my promise so far, but boy has it been hard (and I have a very long way to go).

Now that I’ve been doing this mom thing and trying to get back in shape, I have a huge appreciation for moms who find the time and energy to work out on a regular basis.  It takes a lot of motivation…I mean A LOT!  No matter how exhausted I am or how much I would rather cuddle with Jackson on the couch, I always feel great after a workout!  Staying healthy makes me happy and happy mom means happy baby!

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” ~Tina Fey


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