A Morning of Emotions

I’m not one to talk much about politics. In fact, I like to avoid the topic. But what happened last night is too much to ignore and avoid. As a woman with a biracial child and a husband who is both black and an immigrant…I am absolutely terrified. My family is a definition of what America is and should be. I met my husband because he immigrated to the United States. He was given the opportunity to be educated here and make a living. America is a place that is supposed to be accepting of people like him. If it weren’t for the immigration process I never would have met my husband and created this beautiful child of ours. Not only is my husband an immigrant, he is also black. I see him living his life everyday with uncertainty. Entering each day not sure how he is going to be treated because of his color. The disappointment and fear in his eyes last night is one I have never seen before and it breaks my heart. Being in a marriage with someone of a different race has its challenges. I have become accustomed to the looks we get from certain people. Luckily we have friends and family in our lives who are accepting of our interracial marriage. That’s how it is supposed to be, right? We are free to love who we want and not be treated differently because of who we choose to spend our lives with? I am terrified that my child will be living in this country for the next four years with a leader who looks down on people of color. How will it impact his life? What will America be like in four years when he is entering kindergarten?

I’m sad for my mom who sent an emotion filled text this morning full of disappointment and fear. I’m sad for all women who were ready to celebrate our hero last night. I’m sad for my students who woke up to the news this morning and don’t know what to think. In particular, I had a third grade student walk in my classroom today and say, “my dad and I are moving out of this country.” Her parents are immigrants. Can you imagine how unsure and scared she must feel? It is disheartening to live in a country with this much division. I am afraid the division will only get worse. I am afraid the leadership that will take over next year will cause much more harm than good.

Four years is a long time, but I’m reminding myself that this isn’t permanent. I will do my best to protect my son and my husband. I will support them, listen to them, and defend them. I will live my life as I always have but be even more cognizant of those around me. I will be accepting and loving and inclusive. And I will try my best to believe and have faith that everything will be alright.

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

“Let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. Let us not lose heart. For there are more seasons to come and more work to do.” ~Hillary Clinton


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