Melt a Teacher’s Heart

As a teacher, I often wonder if I am reaching the needs of each one of my students.  Are they learning?  Are they becoming better readers?  Are they achieving good test scores?  There is so much pressure these days for our students to reach certain standards by the end of the year and the stress level for teachers is never ending. It’s a breath of fresh air to take a step back from the academic side of things and engage with them on a more personal level. I’ve always believed that students will try harder for a teacher and learn better when they have a connection and know we care about them. There is one third grade student in particular who has stolen my heart since the day I met him last school year.  He comes from a disadvantaged home life, which makes me love him even more.  He deserves all the love in the world at school because he doesn’t get it at home.  The other day this boy truly melted my heart. He gave me a note that said “Mrs. Kayembe is the best in the world!”  This is something that I will treasure forever!  In a moment of frustration I can think about what this boy wrote and know that I’m making a difference.  This awesome little guy, by the way, has made amazing gains this year and no longer needs my reading services.  This shows that a little love (and some teaching of course) can make a difference.

Side note: this same boy told me a few months ago that I look like a teenager!  Hmmmm…  Is that a good think or a bad thing? 🙂


“If your actions in the classroom inspire children to achieve more, question more, and dream more, you are indeed worthy of the title “teacher.” ~Robert John Meehan


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