Best Summer Yet!

Nothing is getting me more excited than summer time with my little man!!!!  6 more school days!!!

No more 5:00am alarm clock. Instead, Jackson’s sweet cries will wake me up! (Sweet as long as it’s after 7… :))

No more waiting until after work to go for a walk. We can go whenever we want and as many times as we want!

No more pumping at work!  THANK GOODNESS!!!

I’m looking forward to taking him to the park and swinging our hearts out. Chasing him around as he crawls all over the place. I won’t be surprised if he’s walking by the end of summer. Oh boy!

I’m looking forward to meeting his papa for lunch, taking naps with him, and going to story time at the library.

We’ll venture to the swimming pool some days, have play-dates, and meet friends for picnics.

I can’t wait to see him every second of the day and not miss any of his smiles. I can’t wait to watch him grow and develop and to teach him new things. I hope this summer doesn’t go fast like most do. I want to savor every minute.

What I’m looking forward to the most are the snuggles and endless amounts of love and happiness I feel around him.

Being a teacher, I’ve always looked forward to summer. I could stay up late and sleep in every day. I could do whatever I wanted and go wherever I wanted. This summer will be different, but it will be the best one yet! The thought of having my first summer off with Jackson….there’s nothing better!!

P.S. I never thought I would think of 7:00am as sleeping in!!! Wow! #momlife


“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” ~Charles R. Swindoll


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