My Boy, My Heart

Last night I was sitting on the floor in Jackson’s room reading stories. (He may have been climbing on the stool and not completely listening, but we were attempting to read stories!) As I was sitting there watching him and listening to his papa read our nightly Good Night Little Jackson book, I had this beautiful “omg” moment. I got all emotional as I realized how much he has grown and how smart he is becoming. I’m so proud of my little boy already and he is only 14 months old! I can only dream of what he will accomplish in the future and I’m sure I will be a blubbering mess all the way! Every day I have at least one moment when I find myself staring at him in amazement and with the most pure love of all. He is by far the cutest, smartest, most loving little human on the planet! I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I am beyond blessed and thankful!

I can’t believe this little boy is mine…I can’t believe he calls ME momma!


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