Kind, Confident, and Energetic

I just said to my husband the other day, “Do you wonder what kind of person Jackson will grow up to be?” I know it’s the hope of every parent to raise a child to be a good person and it’s something that I think about often.

I certainly have dreams of him being an athlete, a doctor, or a scientist.  I would love for him to be a successful professional.  However, my biggest hope and prayer is for him to be a good person.  I want him to be kind to everyone he meets and have a heart that accepts anyone.

As a teacher, I see the many different types of personalities that children exhibit.  Some children are as sweet as can be and some have no sense of respect. I hate to admit it, but I often say to myself, “I hope Jackson doesn’t turn out to be like that!” I wonder what makes a child act a certain way.  Of course, there’s the whole nature vs. nurture debate. Was he born with these qualities or is he a product of his environment? I think there’s a little bit of both, but from my experience I lean more towards the nurture side. It’s never a surprise when I meet a child’s parent(s). I can usually predict what a child’s home environment is like based on his/her behavior and personality.

That being said, I know that it’s extremely important to raise Jackson in a positive environment and surround him with good people. It’s up to us to guide him and help form him into the type of person I want him to be. I can already tell that Jackson has some very sweet qualities. He’s very calm and gentle. He can also be very energetic and active. He is very aware and curious of his surroundings. He loves to try new food, laugh, listen to music, and dance. Although he’s only eight months old, his personality has really been developing and I’m thrilled with the type of little guy he is right now.

My wishes for Jackson are endless. I want him to be polite and sensitive; confident and hard-working; humble and generous. I want him to have an open mind and a willingness to learn. All of these wishes constantly run through my mind. I lie awake at night thinking and wondering if I am teaching him and caring for him as well as I can. I honestly hope he keeps the qualities he has right now and continues to grow into the amazing little man that he is becoming! We are very lucky to have great people in Jackson’s life. Each and every day he has the love and care he needs to mature into the kind, confident, and energetic person that I dream of him becoming.


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