Being a Mom…the Greatest Gift

Being a mom has changed me more than I could have ever imagined! It’s the greatest gift and blessing. Looking into the eyes of my child, knowing I am the one he counts on each and every day, I can’t help but smile and feel emotional at the same time. I am responsible for this human being; I am helping this little boy grow; I am one of the biggest influences he will ever have. Although the responsibility is a little overwhelming to think about, it’s a job that I take seriously and why I work so hard to be a good mom. I enjoy putting his needs before my own because I know he is getting what he needs. I love when he smiles because I know he is happy. I love when he stops crying because I know that I have comforted him. My love for him grows each and every day and I can’t imagine a life without our little family.

Jackson has a new thing that he does now, which is wrapping his legs around me when I hold him and squeezing tight. It’s a definite reminder that he is growing up! He’s no longer that fragile little baby. Now he’s an army crawling, pasta eating, joggling stroller loving, personality filled little boy. Every day I notice something new about him. It makes me squeal with excitement to see him reach his milestones and also sad that he’s growing so fast. It feels like yesterday that he was in my belly kicking like crazy. I can’t believe nine months have come and gone. As he grows and changes, so do our lives. From the clothes he wears to the items in the kitchen, everything is changing and the decisions to be made are endless. How do we go about disciplining him? How do I tell him “NO!” sternly without laughing (the look on his face is WAY too cute when I tell him no! Haha! I’m getting better though)? How do we teach him to use a sippy cup on his own? (Speaking of sippy cups….have you seen how many there are to choose from in the aisle at Target?!! Geez!) Do we get him out of his crib at night when he wakes up or do we let him “cry it out?” It’s seeming like the older he gets the more difficult parenting becomes.

One thing I’ve noticed since being a mom is my emotions are almost controlled by Jackson. If he’s happy, I’m happy. If he’s upset, I’m upset. Nothing has been worse than seeing him sick and in pain. It’s heartbreaking when there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. I force myself to stay calm and know that I can help him by just being there and holding him tight. If only I had a magic potion to make him feel better instantly (and make him sleep through the night EVERY night! Haha!). Being a mom is like a roller coaster. There are scary parts, fun parts, ups and downs, but in the end it’s a thrill of a lifetime.

One of the best parts of being a mom is seeing my own mom as a grandma. Jackson’s eyes light up when he sees her and I’ve never seen my mom as happy as when she is around him. I heard her say to someone a while back that the love for grandchildren is like no other. There is no doubt that she loves him more than anything. I love asking her for advice, sharing stories and comparing her baby stories to mine, and now we have a new favorite hobby (making baby food together). She’s the first one I go to with questions and the one whose opinion I value the most. Jackson is truly blessed to call her grandma and of course I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her mom!

I’m very appreciative of the moms who influence me and offer words of wisdom whenever I need them. I’ve learned a lot watching the amazing moms in my life. My friends, coworkers, and family members have all been great resources. This new mom gig has been way easier because of all the remarkable moms I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. My advice to new moms out there is to find other moms you can talk to. You need an outlet to vent to, get advice from, and simply spend time with. The responsibilities can be overwhelming and you need to get away every once in a while even for a few minutes. Breath, laugh, and relax with some mom friends. A special shout out to Jackson’s second mom, Aly! I never knew when searching for a daycare provider that I would find someone as amazing as her. She has become a wonderful friend, sound board, and always there for advice and support. Grateful and blessed to have her in my life and Jackson’s life!

Some of my favorite things about being a mom:


  • Seeing my husband as a dad and how much he loves our little boy
  • Making him laugh
  • Comforting him when he is upset
  • Taking him for walks and runs
  • Holding him tight after his naps
  • Seeing my niece and nephew get excited to see and play with “Baby Yackson”
  • Making his baby food
  • Bragging about him to other people (even the cashier at Target)
  • Watching him pick up Cheerios and other food on his tray….he gets so focused!
  • Reading him stories
  • Hearing him say “momma”…makes me smile every time!

The future will always be bright and I’m so grateful for that. No matter what struggles we go through, I will always have the memories to look back on and the new memories to make. There will never be a day when I don’t smile because I have a little guy that brings me so much joy. Here’s to all of you fellow mommas out there. I hope you can enjoy each and every day knowing you are making a difference in the lives of your children. I hope you can get the hugs, kisses, and admiration you deserve for taking on the hardest most important job you will ever have. Smile, stay calm, and enjoy the ride!


“Before I was a mom I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew I would cherish every moment and those moments would turn into memories that would last forever. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn’t stop the hurt. I never knew my heart could love this much.” ~Author uknown


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